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Cardigan Corgis love exercise, but they are usually quite willing to accept less if they have enough mental stimulation. 
Puppies must not be encouraged to run up and down stairs or to jump down off furniture.  Agility should not be undertaken before the age of 1 year old, and other exercise that involves rapid change of direction should be avoided as this can put adverse strain on the spine.
Cardigans are slow developers and benefit from lower protein diets and some breeders recommend the BARF diet (Natural foods) or transferring puppies to junior foods earlier than many manufacturers recommend as this has less effect on their growth than leaving them on puppy food.
Cardigans do not benefit from getting chubby or downright fat as this puts extra stress on their backs and other joints.  A Cardigan should have a nice covering and ribs should not be visible, but they should never wobble!
Crates or Indoor Kennels
These provide a safe environment for you to leave your Cardigan in, reducing the possibility for them to get hurt or for them to chew something they shouldn't.  Many Cardigans like having their space and will put themselves to bed.

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